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12 Steps To Falling In Love Again
Do You Feel Like...
  •  You've fallen out of love?
  •  Your relationship is stuck in a rut?
  •  You're drifting further and further apart?
It's Dangerous...
Too many couples assume they can just "act" like they used to and that will fix things, but this is dangerous! You need to follow a plan!
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About Monica Houttuin
Monica Houttuin, LCSW, CST is an Educator, Couples and Intimacy Specialist and Certified Sex Therapist.

She has been helping couples and families for 25 years, she is a national speaker and educator and creator of JUMP START YOUR HEARTS, a site devoted to helping people in relationships have a life of love with the person they choose while creating the life they dreamed.

It is Monica’s Mission to help couples to have the right tools at the right time. Often, we don’t actually know that we are doing too little, too late, or even doing the maintenance required to actually live happily ever after before it's too bad.

The tools and techniques she is making easily accessible will help couples do the minor repairs and upgrades that every couples’ heart will benefit from before they need a Marriage Transformation or Affair Recovery. Now, you can learn what really works.

Monica has been married for over 28 years to a wonderful partner and is the proud parent of two kids - she is bravely launching into loving relationships and life.